The Challenge

Playbuzz is an award-winning storytelling platform for interactive content. As part of their commercial offering, they provide brands with the ability to create interactive experiences that people can interact with. We were tasked with distributing content on behalf of Playbuzz for American Express. This involved Playbuzz producing a custom piece of sponsored content via the Personality Quiz format entitled, “Answer these 10 questions to discover your next family holiday destination.” The item asked readers relevant questions regarding their favorite holiday activities, vacation pet peeves and more. It was then distributed to UK publishers that American Express’ target audience frequents. The Playbuzz-powered quiz compelled users to interact with a format clearly labeled as sponsored, based on the engaging environment it created. The sponsored content campaign achieved above industry-average results and allowed the brand to gather behavioral insights based on responses to the questions in the quiz.

Services Provided

Campaign Results

Over 200K

Item Engagements

Massive Share Rate

Of over 3%

Over 79% Quiz Completion