Digital1 has one of the largest UK audiences on Facebook.

Users who follow our channels engage with our content on average 4 times per week. Digital1 channels have been grown with one clear focus: to build premium, interest targeted audiences.

UK Best Deals

Our flagship e-commerce site that brings the latest in product trends to our UK customers.

Daily Feed

Daily Feed is one of the largest websites in the UK. It delivers daily news and entertainment, engaging users through its social-first approach.

Planet Food

Planet Food serves up the tastiest bite-sized food videos from across the web to its base of over 1.2 million fans.

I Was Born In The 90s

Nostalgia for over one million millennials, pulling at the heartstrings through wistful, witty, and warmly evocative content. A trip down memory lane that every nineties kid will remember.

Growing Up In The 80s

We look back on the golden years of the 1980s, as seen through our rose-tinted social media spectacles. From the glam to Wham, Wall Street to Walkmans, our fans get a daily nostalgic reminder of their magical childhood.


RSNG covers the machines that make men tick, the endeavors that push their limits and the rewards of successful living. So, if you’re looking for the inspiration that becomes the change, then live your own truth with RSNG.

Next Level

Next Level is a gamers haven, serving up the latest releases, trailers and classic gameplay to its base of over 400,000 fans.


A community bringing you the breaking news, funny clips and giveaways from the sporting world. On-the-ball humor for sporting fans from all backgrounds brought together by a love for the beautiful game.


Love quizzes? We've got something for everyone and deliver over 1,000,000 page views per month.

Animals Are Better Than Humans

‘Animals Are Better Than People’ is home to the internet's craziest and cutest animals. The channel provides content to over 250,000 animal lovers across the UK and USA


Written by women, for women. Femanin is an empowering space designed to fulfill all your feminine needs.