Meet The Team

The Digital1 team is comprised of a perfect combination of social media professionals – researchers, creatives, video editors, designers, copywriters, media buyers, community moderators –  all of them experts in their own right.

Alex Taylor


Specialism: Monetisation of web assets, social application development & really colorful complicated spreadsheets.

Andrew Gregoriou


Specialism: Social paid media, creative content strategy, responsible for the on-going growth of our 20M+ strong channels.

Josh King

Operations Director

Specialism: Research and insights, client relations, operational wizard and general fancy graph creator.  

Peter Field

Social Media Executive

Specialism: Wordsmith, pun master with a personal record of over 100,000 organic likes on a post in less than 24 hours.

Callum Moores

Social Media Executive

Specialism: Master of Photoshop and creator of our most powerful in-campaign designs.

Gabby Royle


Specialism: Hillarious meme creator, viral content producer, and copywriter.

Nick Hadjiyiannis

Video Licensing

Specialism: Social outreach specialist who maintains over 150 independent relationships with content producers.

Will Ingram

Video Editor

Specialism: Experienced video producer with a passion for the latest camera technology and the latest developments in 360° streams.

Harry Cohn

Video Editor

Specialism: Video producer with a keen eye for detail. Worked on numerous long and short-form videos, and our latest live streams.

Connor Elliott

Video Editor

Specialism: Video editing, live streaming, responsible for creative content on our flagship channel Next Level.

Angélique Arnal


Specialism: Headline master, constantly in tune with what our audience wants to see, and personally responsible for driving over 15 million monthly visits to our flagship website

Lewis Thelwell

Paid Media

Specialism: Programmatic advertising specialist with a keen eye for CPM, CPC, CTR and a whole host of other abbreviations you've never heard of.